Wednesday 13th January 2010 - 52 days to go

Our Wedding

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The Wedding

My Wedding box testing



My wedding box



My Wedding Box


About Us


PennyAge: 26

Middle Name: Rose

Likes: Bunting!

Dislikes: Getting up in the morning


AndrewAge: 27

Middle Name: Donald

Likes:Everything to be tidy

Dislikes: Penny's Topshop Account

How we met...

Way way back at guide and scout camp in 1995

The proposal...

Sleep deprived and slightly drunk on mojitos in Cuba, December 2007

Gift List

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The Online Gift List

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Shop Name Description Cost Quantity Options 3 tier steamer £19.99 - Purchased Black 19cm rectangular stoneware dish £15 - Purchased blue spice jar £2.44 - Purchased blue spice jar set £10.76 - Purchased Cocktail starter pack £39.92 - Purchased cookn=book stand - light blue £27.25 - Purchased Cream piglets salt and pepper pots £15.50 1 View | Mark as purchased cream spice jar £2.44 - Purchased cream spice jar set £10.76 - Purchased duck egg bed linen - oxford pillowcases £14.69 - Purchased Granite petite round casserole dish £10 - Purchased

Our Wedding

Upload your high resolution wedding photos to Andrew and Penny's online photo album here.

Our site will automatically create web-friendly images, whilst the high resolution images will also be stored, allowing us to design a beautifully-printed photobook of our special day through our guests' eyes.

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